How Change in Technology Effect Us All...

Welding student, Courtney Hutton proudly shows off her practice welds.

"Welding is something I really, really want to do," said 16 y.o. Baker High School sophomore Courtney Hutton, as she worked in the welding shop at Bryant Career Technical School in Irvington, Alabama. Hutton was among 20 teenage girls at the third annual "Girls Can" Camp at Bryant, learning welding, engineering, electrical wiring, carpentry and pipe fitting.

Approximately 30+ years ago, the Welding, Fabrication & Machine Technology industry in the United States flourished. Along came a fast-paced world full of new technology, with it a demand for computer technicians.   Great numbers of youth were advised to pursue a career in the computer sciences and few chose  the path of Industrial trades. Soon after, Welding & Machining classes at High Schools and Colleges were replaced with Computer Labs. Unfortunately, neglecting the core needs of our society has left our Nation with a major deficit in experienced tradesmen.

Filling Jobs In Demand ~ The Time Has Come

Women and Teens in this era of technology are ideal candidates for success in the metal trades. They seek exciting new endeavors to broaden their own opportunities. With it they bring an open mind, enthusiasm, and a fresh perspective to a very old industry. It's been known since military ships were built during World War II, that Women excel quickly in the fields of Welding and Metal Fabrication. We at the Young Sparks Foundation have a strong belief that Women and the Youth of today are the answer to filling the World's demand for experienced individuals with Metal Trade skills.